Transboundary Water Systems

The Ramotswa – Ngotwane System

The Ramotswa – Ngotwane System is shared between the countries of Botswana and South Africa. Studies conducted in the area show that there is considerable scope for cooperation to conjunctively manage the shared system.

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The Shire River – Aquifer System

The Shire River – Aquifer system is shared between Mozambique and Malawi and covers a total area of approximately 32 000 Local communities here are dependent on groundwater resources due to the deteriorating surface water quality as well as seasonal rainfall variability.

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The Tuli Karoo – Upper Limpopo System

Located in the Limpopo River Basin, the Tuli Karoo – Upper Limpopo river aquifer system is shared between the three countries of Botswana, South Africa and Zimbabwe. Preliminary studies in the area will seek to determine the key issues regarding water management and possibilities for cooperation among the 3 countries.

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