Project Brief: Groundwater Monitoring in the Tuli Karoo Transboundary Aquifer Area

At present, Botswana and South Africa undertake some monitoring within the Tuli Karoo Transboundary Aquifer Area for their own purposes; Zimbabwe (covering about 57% of the area) does not actively monitor the aquifer. Therefore, an aim of the Conjunctive Water Resources Management across Borders in the Southern African Development Community (SADC) Region: Generating Principles through Fit-for-purpose Practice project was to design an integrated groundwater transboundary groundwater network for the Tuli Karoo Transboundary Aquifer Area, and pilot the installation of a real-time monitoring system in the three countries sharing the aquifer. Advantages of using a real-time system include the ability to rapidly share data, having access to more reliable and regular data, and a reduction in costs and time lags associated with site visits. It also institutionalizes the process of sharing data, which helps to build trust and cooperation among the three countries.

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